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Zhejiang Qianyao Industrial Co., Ltd is the first professional factory to produce the trolleys and casters. Located in the beautiful scenery of Fuchun River, covers an area of 16000 square meters. Wholesale 4 Wheels Platform Carts Suppliers and Folding Platform Trolleys Factory in China. And we can design and ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. 90% of the products exported to America Germany Japan Korea, Taiwan and so on. Export volume 60million sets every year.
Our company has experienced product development teams, We hold the tenet of "Customer Priority, Sincerity Service". For many years, our products have been praised by general customers and have been sold worldwide. Furthermore, we adhere to quality assurance and quality control practices along with production and testing equipment to ensure every manufactured item leave and factory in perfect order. The reliability and stability of the products are what we concern.
Integrity is the paramount and key factor of our enterprise tenet, we trust that honesty not only renders clients satisfaction, but also build long-term customer trust. We are looking forward to be your net cooperation partner.

ISO9001:2000 Certifcation
ISO9001:2000 Certifcation
ISO9001:2000 Certifcation
ISO9001:2000 Certifcation


Platform trolley Industry knowledge

What are the primary use cases and industries where 4 Wheels platform trolleys find the most application?

Platform trolleys are versatile pieces of equipment used in various industries and settings for transporting goods and materials. Some of the primary use cases and industries where 4 wheels platform carts find the most application include:

1. Warehousing and Distribution: Platform trolleys are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to move and organize goods, making them essential for logistics and material handling.

2. Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, platform trolleys are used to transport raw materials, components, and finished products between workstations and assembly lines.

3. Retail: Retail stores utilize platform trolleys for restocking shelves, moving merchandise within the store, and facilitating the efficient handling of goods in backrooms.

4. Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and catering services use platform trolleys to transport luggage, food trays, and supplies, enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

5. Healthcare: Hospitals and healthcare facilities employ platform trolleys for the movement of medical supplies, linen, and equipment, ensuring smooth operations and patient care.

6. Construction: Construction sites use platform trolleys to transport tools, construction materials, and heavy equipment across job sites.

7. Agriculture: Farms and agricultural settings often use platform trolleys for harvesting, transporting produce, and handling livestock feed and supplies.

8. Airports: Airports rely on platform trolleys to transport luggage, cargo, and supplies throughout terminals and on aircraft.

9. Automotive: In automotive manufacturing and repair shops, platform trolleys are used to move vehicle parts, tools, and equipment efficiently.

10. E-commerce and Fulfillment Centers: With the rise of e-commerce, platform trolleys are crucial for order picking, packing, and moving goods in large fulfillment centers.

11. DIY Retail: Home improvement stores and DIY retailers use platform trolleys to assist customers in transporting bulky items like lumber, appliances, and gardening supplies.

12. Hospitality and Events: The hospitality and event industries use platform trolleys for transporting banquet supplies, furniture, and equipment during setup and teardown.

13. Education: Schools and universities utilize folding platform trolleys for moving books, classroom materials, and maintenance supplies.

14. Postal and Courier Services: Postal and courier companies use platform trolleys to sort, transport, and deliver mail and packages efficiently.

15. Food Service: Restaurants, cafeterias, and catering businesses employ platform trolleys to transport food trays, dishes, and kitchen supplies.

16. Waste Management: Waste collection and recycling facilities use folding platform carts to move bins and containers filled with waste and recyclables.

These are just some of the many industries and applications where platform trolleys play a crucial role in improving efficiency, reducing manual labor, and enhancing material handling processes. The specific design and features of platform trolleys can vary to meet the unique requirements of each industry.

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